🌿Dear America

Dear America,

What would you do if anarchy replaced our liberal democracy?  You see, we are steps away from that happening.
Consider this:

·When law enforcement is undermined and challenged

·When media is allowed to slander the highest office of our land

·When the leaders of our land are constantly called to suspicion, accused, and undermined by the media and people groups

·When people are rioting and fighting every day for their personal gain without considering the common good of all Americans

·When our courts uphold rights for personal activities and PREFERENCES, but put fines on those who follow moral conscience

·When former leaders are allowed to undermine current administration without consequences

THEN, we must be aware because…
Anarchy is influencing our great nation.

 We must wake up and again expect order and decorum.When all chaos abounds, it is we the people who suffer greatly. We need not go there.

Being a teacher I have had years where kids demand their own way.  They end up getting it, but they lose the wisdom and knowledge they would have gained from learning to respect leadership.  Most sadly, their lives are never challenged to receive the good found in sacrifice, respect, and submission to leadership. The kids who fought me never learned the good I had to teach them. 

Leaders are appointed to be our covering. They work hard to take the heat and responsibility of making decisions for the good of all. When we remove their authority from our lives, it is us who suffer because we expose ourselves to truly our own limited scope and bounds—our personal selfishness.

In America, we have a checks and balance system, so our government leaders can be held accountable.  The media was never given the authority to be a part of the check and balance system, to usurp the authority we have elected to give our officials.  However, today, that is exactly what they do.  Do they think they run our country???  They can’t.  They are mere story tellers and entertainers, afterall, not government leaders called on to carry the responsibility of governance. So, we must wisely discern who to believe.

It is time that we leave our leaders to lead us without everyone trying to lead for them.  We live in great times where are voices can be heard through social media.  However, just because we can raise our voice, it doesn’t always mean we are doing it wisely to help others.

Please, let our elected officials lead and serve.  They are trying.  Let us by all means hold them accountable if there is a real problem, but let us not constantly follow the ebb and tide of the noise from the media.  Let us try to listen to our leaders, instead, and trust them.

Peace, America, calm down.  We are still a nation under God.  He is vigilant to promote mercy and justice according to His will. He reigns. Let us then trust His authority and pray.  Let us see what is good, pure, and Holy.  Let us see our nation with His HOPE.
God bless us, America.

In Jesus’ Name, amen. 


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