🌼 I Want to Marry a Pure Heart

I want to marry a man with a pure heart…

A pure heart to me does not mean legalism.  In high school I thought I had a pure heart, but what I had was legalism and a sense of self-righteousness.  I may have had all my goody ducks in a row, but I was a mess on the inside.  I wanted a good heart, and I know Christ gave me one, but I had so much of what I thought Christianity meant attached to my relationship with God, instead of the purity of His Word.

So, what I mean by a pure heart is the wholehearted inclination and desire to abide in Christ and to honor His Word.  Not out of legalism, but out of the purity of being able to see rightly who God really is and why His precepts protect our lives.  I want him to understand how boundary lines set by God are for our good, not for us to question and test.

I guess I just want his heart to clearly see and trust God for all his needs.  When I look into his eyes, I want to see Jesus and the person God designed my husband to be.  I want him to know and walk confidently in Christ because he sees Him and knows that Christ sees him.  I want to clearly see them both.  Christ and husband. Clearly. As God intended.


Christine ❤

Blessed are the pure in heart,

for they will see God.

        Matthew 5:8


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