Waiting for a Different Kind of Guy

2015-12-12 00.01.35

Recently, I spent all day reading after church.  I couldn’t put the book down.  Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky wrote a dynamic book called The Chase.  It’s a book about chasing after God instead of guys.  It was full of reminders of why we guard our hearts.  I was thankful after reading it, especially because one line resonated and gave words to all that was stirring in my heart over the past 20 years.

“Wait for a different kind of guy.”

That’s it.  The truth of why I don’t date. The reason why I never got married in my 20’s or early 30’s when the opportunities arose.  I hadn’t yet been pursued by him, my Christ-built husband of honor and purity of heart, the man carrying a different kind of spirit, the Holy Spirit.

When I was 16, I knew I would marry a very special man, and I was to guard my heart for him.  However, over the course of high school and college, I dated a few guys, and through those choices to have a boyfriend, I didn’t necessarily get any closer to finding my special husband, but rather found that my relationship with God suffered because of the little compromises I made.

If I were to do it over again, those guys would have only been my friends.  I wouldn’t have given them pieces of my heart.  I would have guarded my heart better for God and for my future husband.  Although those guys were Christians, and they were good guys, what I realize now is that in so many ways, they were like all the other guys I knew, as well.  They weren’t necessarily carrying a different spirit.

I wanted to marry a guy who was a mature Christian, living by his actions, words, attitudes, and lifestyle reflecting Jesus Christ.  I was longing to find a Christ-built man, a Spirit-filled man who would hear and obey God because he loves Him. Such a man is rare.

After reading Kupecky’s book, I rededicated my heart back to God in this area of waiting for my future husband. I took off my promise ring and considered fresh and anew what wearing that ring means to me, and I put it back on with my heart full of strong hope and promise to wait for God and my future husband with new strength and vision.

I am waiting for a different kind of guySo, that means instead of chasing after guys, I am to chase after God and become a different kind of woman, a woman marked by Jesus Christ, as I am first His Bride.

We can do it.  We can give God the pen and let Him write our love stories.  His ways are always good.  His gifts are always worth waiting for.  ♡


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