God’s Dreams are Bigger than Us

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God’s dreams for us are bigger than just ourselves. Meaning the focus will not just be about us but His plan of Salvation for the whole world. In our churches today we have been focused on our own issues of fame & glory from worship leaders on the stage to people writing books and becoming conference speakers. It was easy to wonder if somehow God would give us such an extravagant calling. It was easy to become self-focused and constantly pursuing God for His promises for His plans for us.

But God has shown me that this kind of thinking is really not His gospel or His dreams for us as Christians. His dream for us is to empower us to carry hope and salvation to a dying and lost world. It will always require that we lay down our lives and carry our crosses. The abundant life that Jesus talks about is not in our safety or fame or even productivity. It is in being full of the Holy Spirit, to live a life abiding in Jesus Christ.

As a child I was always a dreamer, wanting to become someone, unique, important, and of significance. Now I realize that my dreams were very small. They were focused on me.

God’s dreams for me are for me to focus on Jesus and the world. That magnificent scope is a vision that can only come from God and the glory that results can only go back to God.

When we think today about our dreams and the difference that we want to make, what will the dream accomplish? If it takes carrying a cross, we are probably living the God-dream, rather than our self-dream.



God Heals. ♡

I refuse to limit God to man’s cultural religion. Leave it to man, and God will no longer be a Healer, just only a Comforter. But, the thing is…He is both. He can still heal today. I refuse to believe that cancer is greater than God. Cancer is a disease. Jesus took the stripes for all diseases, and He knew someday there would be something called cancer. We can’t forget God’s Word. He said to confess our sins and to be healed. He said He would send forth His Word and heal us. He is still our Healer.

Sometimes God calls His children Home. He knows when we need Healing at Home more than we need Healing on earth. But, He should be the One to decide that, not man.

I believe our first recourse must always be surrender and faith when we get sick. Surrender to ask forgiveness and mercy for our sins if we sinned and/or faith to believe God wants to be glorified as Healer through our lives. He IS Healer. We must always make that our default belief. By Jesus’ stripes we are healed.

Friday I was in tears on my way home. My head was throbbing. I put my hand on the base of my neck, and I simply prayed and asked God to heal me. I heard His Spirit tell me that He loved me. I let that wash over me. Although the top right of my head still hurt, the base of my neck had no pain. It was all gone. All gone. I found myself marveling at that, but I should know it’s part of my inheritance as His child. Healing is what the Father does.

I know when people die whom we care for it challenges us to the core. Why does disease seem to have the upper hand? Where is healing? I am here to say that I still believe God heals. He is Healer. He always will be. Never cease praying for the health of those we love. Let God choose where He wants to heal them, in heaven or on earth. But, let’s partner WITH the Holy Spirit and AGREE for others’ complete healing in Jesus Christ. God loves us. ❤

What are God’s Dreams for You?


This song. It’s TRUE. God’s dreams are THE best dreams. Never in my imagine did I see missions being what it is in my life today. But, I am not Amy Carmichael or Elizabeth Elliott or any of the other mighty women who have mentored me over the years in the Bible or through books. God has His unique story written just for my life, just like He has also written for you.

Daily I see women around me struggling to find their God dreams. Is it marriage? The perfect job? Community impact? A chance to write a best seller? An opportunity to worship on stage or sell an original piece of art? I have seen women with all these dreams, and oddly, I have also seen women who have had one of these dreams fulfilled, but they are waiting on God for another dream they think they want that another woman has fulfilled. So, what have I learned? I die daily. God IS my dream. The rest will always be extra. I’ve learned it’s never enough when we pursue the extras. It never satisfies. But, Jesus is enough, and God knows that. So, it’s the lesson I and others must learn every day if we want the abundant life. I do. ♡

Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.
Psalm 139:16

Marriage Reflections

Marriage in a Godless culture wouldn’t make sense. Not when people feel they can have multiple relationships, not be responsible for the children they create outside of marriage, and they can be free from submission and committing to another person.

But, marriage was never man’s idea, but God’s: from the start, He made them male and female and joined them in covenant as one.

You see, marriage makes sense when it represents what it is supposed to, a picture of Jesus’ relationship with the church. When a husband and wife in Christ marries, it is to God’s glory. So, what He joins together in covenant, man should never try to part.

If you feel called not to marry, fine, it is a gift, then, because abstinence is the gift from God. But, if you can’t abstain, marry. That is God’s good plan.

Seriously. Our culture is quickly forgetting WHY we marry. It is to reflect Jesus’ relationship with us, the church. We need God to revive our country and the whole world with His truth, conviction, revelation, and Holy fire again. We need Jesus!!!

“For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the church.
Ephesians 5:31‭-‬32

Idolotry: Bowing to a Lying God

The enemy will try to steal glory from God by offering counterfeit ways of receiving God’s real grace.  Examples:  instead of hearing God through His Word, people rely on hearing God through signs.  Instead of receiving healing by the Holy Spirit, people will put their trust in trees and herbs through homeopathic/natural medicine.   Instead of running to God for provision, people will run to a lotto ticket.  And, instead of getting comfort and love from God, people run to relationships, thinking another person’s love can deliver them.  But, as I shared with a friend tonight….these are bandaid and false substitutes for real healing and Hope.

Idolotry in every form is a system of bowing to a lying god. At first, these and other counterfeit ways may at times offer a momentary fix, but it eventually leaves a cavern in the soul where FAITH was meant to fill lives with the substance of Truth found in all JESUS CHRIST has done and His Spirit continues to do for those who love and trust Him.

Let’s not be a people substituting our ways over God’s wisdom and Spirit.  Jesus is alive.  He is the one who guides us, heals us, provides for, and comforts us.  He is a real God we can have a real relationship with.  HE will help us.  Emmanuel.  God WITH us.

Seeds of Legacy

​Tonight I finally found some bio of Rhea F. Miller. ❤
This woman’s poem was used by God in the summer of 2009 in Hardesty, OK to break me to the core.  That summer I had left teaching, and I had no idea what my next steps would be.  Worship school was in the mix, but I wasn’t for sure.  I wanted to make sure it was God’s will, and not only my desire.
So, one day, I was at my brother’s church sitting on the organ bench, when a hymn book caught my attention.  On the page before me was Rhea F. Miller’s words put to music by George Beverly Shea.  
God had me play each line and sing it, as His Spirit probed my heart after every line, “Would you?”  With total conviction and trust, after every “Would you?” I said “yes.”  I felt free.
Little did I know that God would send me to worship school, and there that song would be my voice recital piece, as if an anthem for what God was getting ready to do in my life.
I could never have known that He was going to test my heart and my “yes”.  But, He has done so, thoroughly and deeply, in an unconventional way I can only someday write about.  
But, this is what I learned tonight about my kindred friend, Mrs. Rhea F. Miller.  Her husband was a Nazarene pastor.  When he passed away, she taught piano lessons to support herself financially. But she had only one real goal. Her goal was to teach as many children piano lessons in the vicarage for free, so that when they grew up, they would have something to give back to the church.  I love that!!! ❤  People who know me know that piano playing was a gift given to me, and when I can as I am led by the Lord, I try to impart that gift to other worshipers, as well, for the purpose of building worship for our Lord.
I am sooooo glad to finally learn a glimpse of Rhea F. Miller’s story.  For the rest of my life, I will treasure the legacy of her words in the poem, and all God has done in and through me in surrender that summer day.
“I’d Rather Have Jesus” has impacted my life and worship for eternity.  May there be much fruit born in days ahead for God’s glory and His legacy in Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Tearing Down Idols

​Idols are false gods.  

They try to take the place of God.  

Idolotry is a spirit of witchcraft. So are control and manipulation which are what idols perpetuate by their presence.

God wants to clear our land again of idolotry and be our one true God. Repentance and confession are just one step away from Freedom in Christ. 

His heart was devoted to the ways of the Lord ; furthermore, he removed the high places and the Asherah poles from Judah.

2 Chronicles 17:6

Wisdom in a Minute

When we usually think about wisdom, we think about people who have gone through experiences and who can provide insight. 

However, God has taught me that wisdom is less about just being inspired with an insight and more about current practical application.

In other words, it is putting God’s Truth in action today, knowing it will bring good fruit in the future.  It is about using God’s Word and making the right, smart choice today, so that it guards your heart in Christ for tomorrow.

But wisdom is proved right by all her children.  Luke 7:35

What is God saying to you about His wisdom today? ❤

Choose to Love

The enemy has been attacking the church for well over a decade with his coy schemes.
He has been wounding true believers and followers of Christ by causing offense between them and those who are more carnally minded, some even in leadership.

Some believers became extra quiet. Others left churches to find one they could receive acceptance in.  And yet others stayed and endured the attacks and faced battles that they are still recovering from.

God wants to heal the bride and refute those attacks.

We now call satan’s schemes on the body of Christ null and void. Jesus wins.

Jesus is so passionately in love with His bride. He wants her walking healed in His truth, IMPERVIOUS to the enemy’s attacks. I love that about our God!!! =D

Satan is a liar.  He will NOT break down the bond of unity found in the body of Jesus Christ.  He cannot cause any grief, harm, or attack that God’s love will not tenaciously all the more grace.  The enemy may try to twist, turn, and manipulate circumstances and words to keep God’s true believers in constant fire, but here it is…They are being refined, pure as gold. What he meant for harm will be voided as God is preparing those very same hearts with His fervant faith and Holy fire to rise up with His truth in the appropriate hour. That hour is at hand.

It is time for Christians to LOVE again!!!!!!!

The Love of Christ heals and restores and covers over a multitude of sins. Satan can never overcome the Love of God found in Christ Jesus.

Choose to love the one that hurt you, falsely accused you, betrayed you, took sides against you, believed the worst about you, who didn’t support you, who stood in your way, who put you down, who took from you, who never gave back, who talked behind your back, who cursed you in their thoughts, who celebrated watching you fall, who never chose to lift you up, who hated you.  Yeah, love that person or all those people because it was all a setup by the enemy to hurt your heart…and theirs.  But, your heart is now God’s, and He says that isn’t allowed.  You are called to Love. Love is alive in You through Christ Jesus. LOVE RULES IN YOUR HEART.  So yeah. Choose to love. =)

Oh, the church needs it. We all do. And, hey, the world needs to see it. Jesus lives! Blessings! ❤

“Supernatural” Isn’t Enough


I’m not a fan of chasing after the supernatural. Let me share my heart why.

I remember how Pharoah’s magicians emulated some of Moses’ signs. That was supernatural. But, where did their power come from? They weren’t sourced by God. Moses’ signs were, however, totally ordained by God. The magician’s copy-cat signs were void of truth. Just being supernatural wasn’t enough. They lacked something Moses had, God’s Presence, anointing, & power (Exodus 7:22).

God says that in the last days false prophets will also do supernatural things. He says some will even cry out Lord, Lord, but He will say He never knew them. (Matthew 7:22-23). Well, that’s a hard word, right? In our day and age, if someone is widely known for their supernatural works, does it make them credible? Hmmm, not necessarily so, according to the Word.

I’m not easily impressed by those tauting acclaimations of signs, miracles, or even some reported supernatural healings after their name. Because I know that being supernatural isnt enough.

Always, always, God calls us to test the spirits. We must use discernment. Is the source of power the Holy Spirit? That is the only legitimate source of an authentic, authorized-by-the-Father miracle in Christ.

I am resolute that the Spirit of God never changes. His purpose is to lead us into all Truth, to lead us into all of Jesus. If the spirit by which the supernatural signs happen is rooted in any other glory outside of Jesus Christ, I would run away, quickly and far. Let me rephrase, if a spirit is rooted in giving someone other than Jesus Christ glory, RUN!!!

We must take heed, not to be deceived. We must learn to discern and make a righteous judment, one given by the Spirit of God, you know, through His checks in the Spirit, His warnings.

God’s power to heal, fill, restore, and save a life will always glory in Jesus Christ and His obedience, resulting in His death on the Cross and His powerful resurrection back to life. There is no other Christ-rooted glory.

So, no, I’m not impressed by those who say they do supernatural works. I don’t chase what’s supernatural, and I wouldnt put those folk on any pedastal with titles suggesting supernatural acclaim.

I know that apart from God, there is no true good work accomplished. There is no true miracle. There is no glory to God. Also, I’ve learned His servants don’t want accolades for merely being vessles of His Spirit. Anything sourced from God leaves the glory WITH God.

In short, supernatural will never be enough. So, instead, I choose to simply follow Jesus. In following Him, we will encounter God’s glory. As a result, ironically, signs and wonders will follow. But, thats just it, they follow. They don’t broadcast or lead the way, to highlight someone’s ministry.

The conclusion of it all is only Jesus is enough to draw all men unto Him. Lifting Him up is enough for His Presence and power to work in people’s lives, as He wills. When we simply follow Jesus and obey and leave the credit with Him, the end result will always be praise and glory given to God alone. Selah.

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