Wisdom for the Wilderness

2015-12-13 18.15.12

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who has gone this long, rugged way through the wilderness.  You know, down this long, narrow path that feels like tares and snares lie in wait on every side, if not for angelic protection; a place that tests our innermost attitudes and weaknesses and strengths; a place where few are willing to walk alongside, if any.

Just when I feel like it’s all impossible, God sustains me.  I know others have gone this way, too, as the Bible is full of people who went the way of the wilderness, so it calms my heart to remember that they eventually faced an end to all their strenuous, rugged journeying, although very few received the purpose and goal with a transformed heart, mind, and life.

The question is, will we be changed by our wilderness?

God never sends His chosen ones through a wilderness without having His specific purposes in mind and without being their personal compass and guide to get them through.

By night, He gives His light.  By day, He gives His covering.  We lack nothing sojourning this long way around.

Really, our only focus during this time is changing. But, oh, how we can still get distracted, if we’re not careful! God sent us this way, though, with His purpose.   Our transformation depends on this long, rugged way Home.

Sometimes, though, we forget God has purpose for us, and we feel impatient, lonely, and uncertain.  What are we to do on those days when we find ourselves searching for the open road again, uncertain of how and why we ever got here in the thick of these unrelenting woods?

Wisdom reveals that complaining is not an option for us. Not if we want to get out with a blessing! In the Bible complainers at times got what they wanted, but it also came with great costs. (Check out Psalm 106:13-15, for example).  Also, sadly enough, a whole generation of complaining folk heading to the Promised Land in Exodus unfortunately never made it there at the end of their journey, due to their negative, complaining attitudes.

Wisdom considers these ways instead:

1. Have patience and persevere. There is always a reason, if there is a delay.

“You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised.” Hebrews 10:36

2.  Be thankful.  Now. For this moment. God’s Presence is near.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

3.  Keep a heart of praise. It will be a source of encouragement to you and others.  It’s very rare to see people who are going through hard times rejoicing.  That requires a different kind of spirit.  So, the fact that you can praise and rejoice confirms Who reigns in your heart and reveals Who and what you truly believe.

“Then they believed His promises and sang His praise.” Psalm 106:12.

No season lasts forever.  On the journey Home, the terrain will not always be a wilderness.  Soon there will be open roads again as you enter into God’s Promises.

But, when you do, will you be changed and ready? You’re heading to the Promised land, but do you know how to live a life full of His Promises once you get there?
The truth is who you are in the wilderness when all life is full of struggle and trials reveals what you truly believe about God and who you really are.

I want to be a woman who knows that God alone is my Provider. Who knows my strength is in leaning on Jesus Christ alone and, not myself or others.  I want to be a woman who honors the Lord, my Covering, who daily by His grace and love equip me to continue overcoming in Jesus’ Name.  I want to be a woman who respects Jesus Christ, the Protector of my heart by obeying His heart-keeping precepts and following Him.

What about you?

God has us!  In these testing times in the wilderness, His Presence is with us! So, let’s wait on Him to see us through, and, along the way, let’s keep wisdom in view:  Home is always near.


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