Love Is Not Jealous

​Jealousy in a human heart withholds love because it presumes that adding their supply will somehow bless that other person MORE than they are blessed, and somehow it will be to their loss. So, instead, they admire from the shadows and greedily keep kindness and love locked away , so it will not compound blessings upon blessings on the subject of their jealousy. Their misapplied admiration with such a lie only feeds their heart’s empty longing to ALSO BE THUS BLESSED.

Anyone withholding love from another doesn’t know the true gift of Love.
Love unlocks God’s blessings and favor.  Not only on the one you choose to love, but also on yourself.
The reason is simple.
You can’t give true love away until you first have it.   You will know you truly have True Love when the desire is to BLESS others, even if it costs you.
Anyone jealous is just really merely in deficit of real, true Love.  Going to God’s supply will change that hungry heart forever!!!!!!! ❤
PS btw the person someone might be jealous of may be totally going through challenges in life that nobody is aware of, and God is pouring out His strong measures of love, mercy, and grace because they need it.   Let us take the cue to Love.  At ALL times!!!!!!!  Love is NOT jealous. 1 Corinthians 13.


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