Seeds of Legacy

​Tonight I finally found some bio of Rhea F. Miller. ❤
This woman’s poem was used by God in the summer of 2009 in Hardesty, OK to break me to the core.  That summer I had left teaching, and I had no idea what my next steps would be.  Worship school was in the mix, but I wasn’t for sure.  I wanted to make sure it was God’s will, and not only my desire.
So, one day, I was at my brother’s church sitting on the organ bench, when a hymn book caught my attention.  On the page before me was Rhea F. Miller’s words put to music by George Beverly Shea.  
God had me play each line and sing it, as His Spirit probed my heart after every line, “Would you?”  With total conviction and trust, after every “Would you?” I said “yes.”  I felt free.
Little did I know that God would send me to worship school, and there that song would be my voice recital piece, as if an anthem for what God was getting ready to do in my life.
I could never have known that He was going to test my heart and my “yes”.  But, He has done so, thoroughly and deeply, in an unconventional way I can only someday write about.  
But, this is what I learned tonight about my kindred friend, Mrs. Rhea F. Miller.  Her husband was a Nazarene pastor.  When he passed away, she taught piano lessons to support herself financially. But she had only one real goal. Her goal was to teach as many children piano lessons in the vicarage for free, so that when they grew up, they would have something to give back to the church.  I love that!!! ❤  People who know me know that piano playing was a gift given to me, and when I can as I am led by the Lord, I try to impart that gift to other worshipers, as well, for the purpose of building worship for our Lord.
I am sooooo glad to finally learn a glimpse of Rhea F. Miller’s story.  For the rest of my life, I will treasure the legacy of her words in the poem, and all God has done in and through me in surrender that summer day.
“I’d Rather Have Jesus” has impacted my life and worship for eternity.  May there be much fruit born in days ahead for God’s glory and His legacy in Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ Name, amen.


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