It’s Not Constitutional to Protect Preferential Choices

​It is time our country stops manipulating and abusing the Constitution to promote secular progressivism in society.  

I taught American Lit.  I got to learn the hearts of our Founding Fathers.  We lived as a Christian nation then.  They wrote the Constitution to insure that people’s GOD-GIVEN rights were protected.  The 14th amendment Equal Protection Clause to the states was never meant to be used to destroy babies lives or to validate sexual preferences, both of which violate God’s NATURAL LAW which is the basis on which the Constitution was written.  

We may live in a generation who claim God does not exist, but this generation, too, shall pass and another will arise.  Times will change, and so shall opinions.  But, God will remain.  His Word will stand forever.  We are given grace to live in this generation with the freedom of all the rights He gave us.  

In America, it was set up in the Constitution to protect those rights.  The more we allow the Constitution to protect people’s CHOICES, rather than GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS, the more people’s rights will be violated because that system of thinking is….drastically SELFISH and UNEQUAL.

I want to see the overturn of roe v wade and the same-sex marriage legislation bc BOTH violate God’s law and show the Supreme Court loosly interpreted/misapplied of the 14th amendment Equal Protection Clause.


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