Idolotry: Bowing to a Lying God

The enemy will try to steal glory from God by offering counterfeit ways of receiving God’s real grace.  Examples:  instead of hearing God through His Word, people rely on hearing God through signs.  Instead of receiving healing by the Holy Spirit, people will put their trust in trees and herbs through homeopathic/natural medicine.   Instead of running to God for provision, people will run to a lotto ticket.  And, instead of getting comfort and love from God, people run to relationships, thinking another person’s love can deliver them.  But, as I shared with a friend tonight….these are bandaid and false substitutes for real healing and Hope.

Idolotry in every form is a system of bowing to a lying god. At first, these and other counterfeit ways may at times offer a momentary fix, but it eventually leaves a cavern in the soul where FAITH was meant to fill lives with the substance of Truth found in all JESUS CHRIST has done and His Spirit continues to do for those who love and trust Him.

Let’s not be a people substituting our ways over God’s wisdom and Spirit.  Jesus is alive.  He is the one who guides us, heals us, provides for, and comforts us.  He is a real God we can have a real relationship with.  HE will help us.  Emmanuel.  God WITH us.


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