🌿  Life Word

On Youversion I did a cool little devotional series called Life Word.  I think I know what my Life Word is…


All my life God has used me in one way or another to bring truth out of situations, even when some were very uncomfortable and costly.  Truth offers a chance at mercy, at redemption.  I love that in my youth I began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Truth. He redeemed me and filled my life with mercy.  Over the years, He has held me accountable in so many ways to honor Truth, even at the expense of being misunderstood, unloved, and even at times, facing great loss.  

The thing about Truth is that it’s tenaciously grounded and steady, regardless of life circumstances.  Truth never changes. Instead, it changes us.  It gives us pure eyes, clean hearts, and Godly resolve. I love Truth and want to champion it. 

It’s not like what we think it is sometimes.  It’s not our truth, so limited by our scope and personal experience.  Truth is beyond us.  Truth is about the character and person of Jesus Christ who sees  every person’s heart, yet submits to God and leaves the judging with Him.  Truth isn’t a tool for condemnation or exposure.  Not in God’s hands.  Truth is always a tool to move us forward toward God’s redemption and mercy.  It’s because Truth sees and knows the whole story. 

I believe our nation needs more Truth.


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