Singleness in Christ

​When I was in college, I went through a season where I was so afraid of God asking me to be single my whole life.  

I now realize such a question regarding singleness is not something to fear but honestly assess before the Lord.  Does Jesus want me all to Himself?  Is it God’s will for me to never marry?  I never really talked about this, afraid that lifetime singleness might happen if I gave voice to the possibility.  Lol.

But, today I am no longer afraid of WHATEVER God has planned.  Marriage or no marriage, it is no longer my idol or hope.  Jesus is.  I believe if God wants me single my whole life He will keep me and sustain me, and He will use my life for His glory.  I also believe if God wants me to marry, He will provide a man after His heart who will understand the call of marriage and submit to Christ with his whole life and love me with Jesus’ passionate, real, holy, pure love all the days of our lives.  

All I know is that I have incredible peace now.  I truly believe God knows what’s best for me in this area, and I am submitted to His best.  Freedom from fear happens when we really know His love for us.  Nothing on earth compares with God’s Love and His Presence.  He is so real!!!  He fills our lives with His good gifts taylored just for us!!!  Loving Him back is such an honor. ❤

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