Don’t Be Offended at God

“And blessed is he who is not offended because of Me.” Luke 7:23

John was the man. He gave his whole life to be a front runner for Jesus Christ. He knew what it meant to sacrifice a life of comfort and social luxury, to be a trailblazer and pioneer through a wilderness for the Lord. His heart was fixed and right. He knew and lived out the position that Christ must increase, but he had to decrease.

And there he is in chapter 7. He is in prison for speaking righteousness and calling out truth. Soon, he would be beheaded. And, in that prison cell, he audaciously sends a messenger to ask Jesus who He really is. Even though he already knew the truth.

As you know, I began my Luke study in early-August. And, I have been stuck here for the past 3 weeks, pondering that verse over and over again, as I sensed God had more me.

I never quite understood Jesus’ response so well until last night at Equip. A ministering sister asked those who were still willing for breakthroughs to stand, and she shared about this story. She shared how in our long waits we could begin to take offense at God for not receiving our promises. In my heart, I didn’t feel offended at God, but I could feel for the first time John’s heartbreak and weariness, as I have felt my own questions and weariness on hard days, as well. I don’t believe he was offended at Jesus, but the overthinking was trying to unsettle the truth in His soul to get him offended. But Jesus saw that and didn’t let it happen. Christ checked him. Oh, how He faithfully guards our hearts! ❤ Just like times Jesus has checked me when I consider for too long my why, why, why’s.

This verse finally made sense to me. It’s like Jesus was saying for John not to be offended at His way because even that is all Jesus!!! Could John finally see and identify and KNOW Christ in his Way, at his hardest hour? I believe he did. Jesus was telling John there is NO OTHER WAY than His way. And, HE IS THE WAY. No doubting Jesus’ identity in that!!!

Don’t be offended at the Way God leads you. It is Jesus’ Way. Don’t be offended because Jesus is doing something a specific way in your life. You will be blessed to just trust God. You already know rhe Truth.

If Jesus thinks it’s best to go a certain way in your life, don’t get offended because of His leading. Just trust and follow. You will be blessed for your trust in Him. Keep your peace. Keep your faith. JESUS IS FAITHFUL!!! (Even when it looks hard and feels like you have lost it all). <3. He led you that Way, so rejoice!!! Don’t be offended at Jesus. Thank Him! Just think, HE IS GOD, AND HE CHOSE THAT SPECIFIC WAY FOR YOU!!! Yeh, God! =) In a very securing way, we can rest in that. Selah.


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