God’s Dreams are Bigger than Us

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God’s dreams for us are bigger than just ourselves. Meaning the focus will not just be about us but His plan of Salvation for the whole world. In our churches today we have been focused on our own issues of fame & glory from worship leaders on the stage to people writing books and becoming conference speakers. It was easy to wonder if somehow God would give us such an extravagant calling. It was easy to become self-focused and constantly pursuing God for His promises for His plans for us.

But God has shown me that this kind of thinking is really not His gospel or His dreams for us as Christians. His dream for us is to empower us to carry hope and salvation to a dying and lost world. It will always require that we lay down our lives and carry our crosses. The abundant life that Jesus talks about is not in our safety or fame or even productivity. It is in being full of the Holy Spirit, to live a life abiding in Jesus Christ.

As a child I was always a dreamer, wanting to become someone, unique, important, and of significance. Now I realize that my dreams were very small. They were focused on me.

God’s dreams for me are for me to focus on Jesus and the world. That magnificent scope is a vision that can only come from God and the glory that results can only go back to God.

When we think today about our dreams and the difference that we want to make, what will the dream accomplish? If it takes carrying a cross, we are probably living the God-dream, rather than our self-dream.



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