Deliberative: Making Wise Decisions

I retook a strengthsfinder test online this morning (a free version). In any case…I knew I had Belief, Significance, Includer, & Positivity. But, this time, a new word was highlighted in my life… DELIBERATIVE.

Although I don’t agree with all aspects of those who have this strength according to the online description (I’m not a negative ninny seeing life as a minefield), I do now understand why it takes me FOREVER to make a decision. I want it to be the RIGHT decision.  Yes, it’s true.  I do see a bigger picture than just my decision at hand. I look at the consequences, and I resolve to consider risks to see if that choice is the WISEST choice I can possibly make.  I guess you can say, I’ve learned to love God’s path of freedom, peace, and joy, and I’m unwilling to compromise any part of His truth, love, or Spiritual blessings on a faulty choice.

That’s the precious thing about having an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. In His Presence is fullness of joy. If at any time something tries to encroach upon my relationship with Him, I can examine why and make choices that align with His will, removing the obstacles. His peace really is a valuable indicator of what pleases His Spirit. I’ve learned this over the years to make choices that allow me to walk in His peace. To me, deliberation is not so much about rules, but being governed by His Presence.

As a sidenote, I can see myself oneday working in legislation, and from the definition of deliberation, I see how that makes sense. If you would have told me to pay attention to politics or government in high school, I would have questioned how well you knew me, but that’s the irony of it all. God certainty knows me better than myself. Slowly, over the past 15 years, He has given me a desire to pray for our national government.

It began when I taught Junior American Lit. for 5 years. I learned how the foundation of our government was grounded in Jesus Christ. Since then, I realized that God has always cared about how nations rule. Afterall, at one time, He was the sole ruler of His people before the Israelites demanded to be like other nations and to have kings.

For the past few years, I have found myself questioning some of the decisions leaders in our country are making. I can make a list of those concerns I’ve been praying over and deliberating: mandatory national healthcare and what it’s done to our economy, women’s healthcare mandates and the boundaries crossed in private sectors in matters of conscience where proposed “choice” has ironically forced others to have none, and my list could continue to current issues of today. Perhaps, God has caused me to care because He has something ahead for me. At the least, it’s caused me to pray. I’m beginning to see that I deliberate over issues in my quiet times that others don’t even care about on any given day.

I just refuse to be a lemming, following the masses who are ultimately just following people’s fickle trends- some trends unfortunately that are here today to create some damage in people’s lives and gone tomorrow, replaced by a newer fad.

What’s alarming in our nation right now is that instead of building legislation based on precepts and principles, we’re writing policies based on media/social popularity. With some deliberation, people could see this kind of policy making lacks wisdom for our country for the days ahead.

So, here’s the meaning of the term: DELIBERATIVE

1. Function of deliberating, as a legislative assembly

2. Having to do with policy; the wisdom of a proposal

It’s pretty cool how we can wake up one morning and learn more about ourselves by learning new vocabulary. 🙂

Happy New Year!

One thought on “Deliberative: Making Wise Decisions

  1. Hey, Marissa, I’m willing to hear what it is— to pray about. And, haha! Thanks for grace to hear my perspective on Jesus Calling. He moves in so many ways. I’ve learned not to Overanalysis (which I’m able to do bc I am deliberative!), but to test the spirits. So, sure, let me know what you’re considering for a project. Thank you! 🙂 btw, just finished Angels Walking by Karen Kingsbury. Great first book in her series! 😉


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