Reflection- August 2014

During worship tonight I couldn’t stop thinking about the brothers and sisters in Christ who have been forced to leave all they have ever known to hide out on mountain stops or refugee wait stations.

Suddenly, out of the blue, it went from a handful of Christians in the middle east being persecuted to a multitude. All of this breaks God’s heart, but I think what breaks His heart more are all the lost souls who live in darkness, thinking wrong is right. I felt the burden for our fellow Christians who have been displaced tonight. I couldn’t stop crying. How is THEIR worship tonight, wherever they are?

Four years ago, God wouldn’t let me accept an ESL adjunct teaching job that was created for me at CFNI.  With minimal savings, I didn’t understand. Then, the Lord did the craziest thing and asked me to sow the rest of my savings to go to Haiti with Gateway. I couldn’t understand then.  It seemed audacious.  I could have raised funds. But, God wanted my ALL. Then, It got even crazier when on Nov. 10, 2010 I left my brother’s house to move up to Gateway with no job and no place to live.  All  I had was FAITH. On my way up, I was connected with a friend who was living in a Chinese Church. She said I could stay there, too. Crazy! But, that sanctuary had a lovely piano, and I played away.  All I knew was that God was telling me this was His will, this crazy walk of faith.  That week, I was offered an editorial position at CFNI, but God would NOT let me accept the job. Not even on contract. He had His own plan, and I would submit. Missions began then. In our nation.  OUR NATION.

One night I was staying with a friend. I had been to church, and I arrived to find I was locked out.  She was visiting another friend, and at midnight she still was not back. As I sat in the freezing car that night talking to a friend in Atlanta til wee hours of the morning, I began to feel sorry for myself. And, I asked my friend if she would pray with me. She did. As I prayed, I caught myself asking God, “What about me, God?”. Suddenly, I heard God so clear. My friend can witness the prophetic message in prayer. “What about you, Christine?” God asked.  “You have everything you need for LIFE and GODLINESS, but what about THEM?!” Asked God, as He showed me a picture in my heart of multitudes of homeless people. Multitudes.  I now realize the homeless were not what we normally see.  We’ve had tornadoes, hurricanes, economic crises, and now bullies who have taken away people’s homes.  Hmmmmm. But, JESUS is the TRUE HOME. If people get THAT, they will have Everything. God is GOOD.

That was 4 years ago. Today, I see it’s true. God does NOTHING without first revealing it to the prophets. Someday soon my wilderness is closing, but I have a choice to make of all God has taught me for when I enter the Promised Land.  Will I remember Him?  Will I choose missions again and again, now knowing it’s costly and hard? Will I open up my heart and home to displaced brothers and sisters in Christ?  Will my witness around my family table be as if I were serving around the world? Will I simply just keep loving Jesus above all?

I worship God because He is my LIFE. I would love for everyone to know Jesus. If any of you don’t, but want to, please let me know. I know God loves you because He loves me. He has a GOOD plan for each of our lives. Come what may, God is victorious. Forever. And His Spirit is our comforter.  We have it made here in America.  Let’s remember to be grateful and thank God. At ALL times! I am seeing God’s purpose for the minor sufferings I’ve been called to endure for the sake of following Jesus.  Pioneer. Forerunner. Lord, thank you for teaching me so much.


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