Remarkable Ruth Prophecy at Laundromat


This post is from July 2014. It’s a reflective piece today for me, a reminder of how when we bless others, we get blessed in return. This particular day was impacting because I was reminded that God sees me, and that He has specific plans for me.

July 2014
I completed my laundry. Something remarkable happened today at the laundry mat.

I had a chance to encourage a lady who had told me earlier she was once a Christian, but she didn’t want the narrow way, that she didn’t want to have convictions. She said she knew she was running…I sensed she wasn’t open for more talk at that time, so I continued quietly with my laundry. But, I sensed God wanted me to say something to her before I left. I just didn’t have any words in the moment.

However, God is faithful. Right before I left, God gave me encouragement for her, and she was open to hear again. Afterwards, I put my clothes in the car and thought I was finished, but God gave me another very specific verse for her, and this time I got to show it to her in the Bible. It was an awesome encounter! But, that wasn’t the remarkable encounter.

As I was leaving I glanced at the teenage girl nearby who aeemed to have been listening to my conversation with the lady. I wondered if I’d subbed for her before. We didn’t speak.

Well, when I got in my car, I was messing around with my phone, etc, when I suddenly saw a truck backing up right next to me. It was done so smoothly. Much to my surprise, it was the teenage girl who knew to drive so well. That was my random thought, as I continued to mess with my flip phone.

Suddenly she got out of the truck and asked if she could speak with me.  She told me that in the past two days God was speaking to her, and she was being led to consider Ruth, and she asked God to show her someone who would remind her of Ruth. She said that earlier God had shown her a vision that she would run into someone in the laundry mat who would share His Word with another, and that she was given an encouraging word.  She said at first she thought that the vision meant that SHE was supposed to give someone else God’s Word, but when she saw me today she felt it was me, so to make sure she kept checking in with God, and confirmations would happen, even me taking out the Bible to share with the lady.she was watching it all! She told me that my still being in the lot when she backed up next to me was the last confirmation she needed to give me her word of encouragement.

She is the one of several random people who have associated me with the book of Ruth. Every time it happens, O feel so honored, humbled, and edified by my Father God. That day was awesome, because I had a letter written by a random Starbucks girl a couple years ago to me about Ruth that I got to also share with her.

She said she had wanted God to mean that word was hers, but she knew she was to give it to me.  Haha! I love how God works because she got that word in return through the letter! Her amazing boldness to walk in her prophetic gift at a young age just blew me away!!!  She was HUNGRY FOR MORE of God in every way!!!! I got to pray for her and watch God just confirm and pour out blessings on her because of her hunger, faith, and bold obedience. After our talk I learned that I had never subbed for her, but for her brother at my favorite Jr. High. She just graduated from high school. It will be amazing to see what God does in her life!!!  I was so encouraged by her obedience and love for Jesus Christ today. God is the keeper of her heart. Of BOTH our hearts!

I find it amazing that God gave me the opportunity to encourage two ladies today, and that He also had a remarkable, divine appountment set up for me! He loves us! He truly is a kind and merciful God under whose wings I’ve come to find refuge.


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