I found my voice, and it doesn’t scare me like I thought it would. 

All my life, I’d think my thoughts and sugarcoat my words, lest somehow I’d give someone indigestion, but then I saw them starving for lack of truth.

Oh, it’s more merciful to speak up sometimes. Oh, how we need each others’ supply of Godly wisdom, counsel, and encouragement. 

People used to tell me all the time, “Speak up, I can’t hear you!”  It used to annoy me because I felt I had such a big voice on the inside.  Why couldn’t they see that? I was afraid of it being too strong, too noticable.  I liked being hidden with my opinions, thoughts, and revelations. It’s protective and prudent sometimes to keep what we know to ourselves.

But, other times, it can also be cowardly.

Courage has more discernment than that.  It knows when one should bravely speak up.  It knows when one should bravely remain quiet.

Most of the time people do speaking all backwards. They speak when it’s not time, and they remain silent when the moment requires a steadfast truth to be spoken forth.

I want God to use my voice. I want Him to give me wisdom and discernment, so my words bring healing and life to its hearers.  I want my words to bless others like balm and fresh spring rain.  I want them to feel God’s love by what I say.

I can tell it’s time.

I open my mouth. I am ready to speak. My words come from an honest heart. I am sincere when I speak what I know.
Job 33:2-3

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