Dear Florida… (and Other States Who Read This)


Dear Florida,
So much depends on your vote on March 15th (like the entire direction of our nation). But, hey, no pressure!!! 😉

No, seriously, I want to share my heart for a minute.

I wanted to ask you to please vote for Marco Rubio for these following reasons:

1. Out of all the candidates, he has the most integrity.  He admits when he blunders (He took responsibility for NH primaries being low bc of GOP debate w/ Chris Christie moment, instead of blaming media).

Marco Rubio Takes Responsibility for NH

2. He doesn’t play games.  He hasn’t tried to trip up any of the other candidates, even when they rival him. He’s never put an obstacle in the way of any of them. (Although he did expose Trump with some comedy, and his supporters have definitely taken to humor to ward off offenses, as well.).
* note added 3/9/2016
I’m glad Marco has confessed to the attacks on Trump being something he isn’t entirely proud of (I don’t think he is proud of any of it, actually). That also shows his true heart of humility to me.

My favorite Marco Rubio Oneliner

Marco Rubio Confessing Attacks on Trump Not Something He’s Entirely Proud Of

3. He’s intelligent and knowledable about the issues. He’s the one who often teaches me about what is going on in current foreign affairs. He isn’t boring to listen to, and his passion for preserving our nation is contagious.

GOP Debate Where Other Candidates Nod Their Heads on His Foreign Policy Answers

4. He’s prepared.  He not only has excellent, detailed policies, he has recently moved forward to begin considering leadership for key positions when he’s in office.

Marco Rubio Policies

Rubio Announces National Security Advisory Counsel

5. He’s a man of vision and dreams, the American Dream being at the heart. You can’t miss it.  He has told us its not only for us, but for our children, the generations that come after us.

Marco Rubio on the American Dream (You’ll need a tissue!)

6.  He cares about all people. He’s inclusive of others, whether with big political degrees or with a dish towel in their hands.  He honors everyone.  He doesn’t play favoritism. He reveals honor to those who have paved his way, as well, including Judge Scalia and Nancy Reagan. I respect that.  I’ve watched him receive more endorsements than any of the candidates & yet he remains level headed and doesn’t brag.

Marco Rubio List of Endorsements

Marco Rubio Honoring Nancy

Marco Rubio on Judge Scalia ‘ s Death

Most Reagan-Like! Saves Nancy Reagan from Fall Here

7. Most importantly, Marco and his family love and serve Jesus Christ.  During this campaign race, he has given the Christian faith a right to have a voice again in our nation, and this shift, though very subtle to some, was VERY noticeable to me. He’s not out to force everyone to practice Christianity, as he has said, it is a choice, but he won’t allow Christians to be silenced or have the culture force Christians to compromise their faith, either. I respect that so much. It’s called FREEDOM.

Marco Rubio – 2009, Stands for Faith

Marco Rubio Champions Faith 2013

Marco Rubio at CPAC, Stands for Faith 2016

So…please consider Marco Rubio for President.  I’ve only known him since January, but by research and observing past videos, reading some of his former and present policies, and attending his rally here in Dallas, I have seen a steadfast consistency in his character. I find him very Presidential.

Thank you for reading. If any of these words bear witness with you, as well, please vote for Marco Rubio on March 15th.  God bless you, Florida!

Christine Craig


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