“Supernatural” Isn’t Enough


I’m not a fan of chasing after the supernatural. Let me share my heart why.

I remember how Pharoah’s magicians emulated some of Moses’ signs. That was supernatural. But, where did their power come from? They weren’t sourced by God. Moses’ signs were, however, totally ordained by God. The magician’s copy-cat signs were void of truth. Just being supernatural wasn’t enough. They lacked something Moses had, God’s Presence, anointing, & power (Exodus 7:22).

God says that in the last days false prophets will also do supernatural things. He says some will even cry out Lord, Lord, but He will say He never knew them. (Matthew 7:22-23). Well, that’s a hard word, right? In our day and age, if someone is widely known for their supernatural works, does it make them credible? Hmmm, not necessarily so, according to the Word.

I’m not easily impressed by those tauting acclaimations of signs, miracles, or even some reported supernatural healings after their name. Because I know that being supernatural isnt enough.

Always, always, God calls us to test the spirits. We must use discernment. Is the source of power the Holy Spirit? That is the only legitimate source of an authentic, authorized-by-the-Father miracle in Christ.

I am resolute that the Spirit of God never changes. His purpose is to lead us into all Truth, to lead us into all of Jesus. If the spirit by which the supernatural signs happen is rooted in any other glory outside of Jesus Christ, I would run away, quickly and far. Let me rephrase, if a spirit is rooted in giving someone other than Jesus Christ glory, RUN!!!

We must take heed, not to be deceived. We must learn to discern and make a righteous judment, one given by the Spirit of God, you know, through His checks in the Spirit, His warnings.

God’s power to heal, fill, restore, and save a life will always glory in Jesus Christ and His obedience, resulting in His death on the Cross and His powerful resurrection back to life. There is no other Christ-rooted glory.

So, no, I’m not impressed by those who say they do supernatural works. I don’t chase what’s supernatural, and I wouldnt put those folk on any pedastal with titles suggesting supernatural acclaim.

I know that apart from God, there is no true good work accomplished. There is no true miracle. There is no glory to God. Also, I’ve learned His servants don’t want accolades for merely being vessles of His Spirit. Anything sourced from God leaves the glory WITH God.

In short, supernatural will never be enough. So, instead, I choose to simply follow Jesus. In following Him, we will encounter God’s glory. As a result, ironically, signs and wonders will follow. But, thats just it, they follow. They don’t broadcast or lead the way, to highlight someone’s ministry.

The conclusion of it all is only Jesus is enough to draw all men unto Him. Lifting Him up is enough for His Presence and power to work in people’s lives, as He wills. When we simply follow Jesus and obey and leave the credit with Him, the end result will always be praise and glory given to God alone. Selah.

#heartthoughts #discernment #GodofGlory


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