Choose to Love

The enemy has been attacking the church for well over a decade with his coy schemes.
He has been wounding true believers and followers of Christ by causing offense between them and those who are more carnally minded, some even in leadership.

Some believers became extra quiet. Others left churches to find one they could receive acceptance in.  And yet others stayed and endured the attacks and faced battles that they are still recovering from.

God wants to heal the bride and refute those attacks.

We now call satan’s schemes on the body of Christ null and void. Jesus wins.

Jesus is so passionately in love with His bride. He wants her walking healed in His truth, IMPERVIOUS to the enemy’s attacks. I love that about our God!!! =D

Satan is a liar.  He will NOT break down the bond of unity found in the body of Jesus Christ.  He cannot cause any grief, harm, or attack that God’s love will not tenaciously all the more grace.  The enemy may try to twist, turn, and manipulate circumstances and words to keep God’s true believers in constant fire, but here it is…They are being refined, pure as gold. What he meant for harm will be voided as God is preparing those very same hearts with His fervant faith and Holy fire to rise up with His truth in the appropriate hour. That hour is at hand.

It is time for Christians to LOVE again!!!!!!!

The Love of Christ heals and restores and covers over a multitude of sins. Satan can never overcome the Love of God found in Christ Jesus.

Choose to love the one that hurt you, falsely accused you, betrayed you, took sides against you, believed the worst about you, who didn’t support you, who stood in your way, who put you down, who took from you, who never gave back, who talked behind your back, who cursed you in their thoughts, who celebrated watching you fall, who never chose to lift you up, who hated you.  Yeah, love that person or all those people because it was all a setup by the enemy to hurt your heart…and theirs.  But, your heart is now God’s, and He says that isn’t allowed.  You are called to Love. Love is alive in You through Christ Jesus. LOVE RULES IN YOUR HEART.  So yeah. Choose to love. =)

Oh, the church needs it. We all do. And, hey, the world needs to see it. Jesus lives! Blessings! ❤


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