Darkness is NOT Light

How terrible it will be for people who call good things bad and bad things good. They think darkness is light and light is darkness. They think sour is sweet and sweet is sour.
Isaiah 5:20

What kind of society have we become where our national leader is sending out an edict demanding children have rights to “self-identify.”  As if trying to discover math, science, history, and English, aren’t enough, now there is an insinuation that their given birth identity is not enough, and thet must find it.

Well, for scientists and atheists who demand proof for facts, it certainly takes a lot more twisted belief to suggest now that one’s given sex is not who they really are.  Where’s the proof for that conclusion?  Oh, are feelings substantive data now?  Something we can measure?

They fought against faith in God because they couldn’t see Him, but they champion people now to go by their feelings, contrary to biological evidence that can most definitely be seen.  What a double standard!

Well, we’re on our way to revival because feelings will eventually change. Only truth wins in the end. Truth is a harder substance that faith is built on, and a solid, endurable fact. Truth is Jesus. Feelings will change. Truth never will. 

The good thing is, our Truth-Giver, God, created us, so He knows our identity fully.  Our true identies never change. But, for those who by faith come to Christ, we are able to discern more clearly who the Creator created each of us distinctly to be. 

Instead of “self-idenitifying” (ei: self- questioning) it’s time our country finds a thriving relationship with God again through Jesus Christ.  We need the Holy Spirit of Truth in these mad days where liberal ideologies are being set up as precepts and counsel, and ultimately something to believe in. I mean, it takes a lot of belief to suggest one is a sex they really aren’t.  Unfortunately, they are believing a delusion.

On my watch, I say NO to the madness.

By the way, if anyone can take away your identity, they can dehumanize you, control you, and make you nothing.  The manipulation is only more gross when they get you to do it yourselves, so they never have to take any blame or responsibility.

Can you see this? 

Parents and children, wake up!!!

So be very careful how you live. Do not live like those who are not wise. Live wisely. I mean that you should use every chance you have for doing good, because these are evil times.
Ephesians 5:15‭-‬16



Real Beauty

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Proverbs 31:30

One of the areas I’ve wrestled with my whole life is wanting to be beautiful

Growing up, I dealt with weight, race, and acne issues which always left me feeling less than.  Somehow I thought if I were less chunky, more white, and had a clearer complexion that somehow I’d be more acceptable.

I’m not sure now whose acceptance I was needing so much. Sometimes I think it was my mom’s. Other times, I realize it was mine. I was really hard on myself, somehow thinking if I were more perfect, I’d be more acceptable. I didn’t realize then that more than fear of others’ rejection, self-rejection was my enemy. I could blame others for putting that mindset in me, but I alone was responsible for accepting & believing those lies.  It was time for me to get free.

As the proverbial “good Christian girl,” I knew I was supposed to crucify that kind of vanity and let it die at the Cross.  The only problem was, I didn’t quite know how.

Then this summer happened.♡

As I took my month long trip traveling up the Pacific Coastal Highway 1 and down Interstate 5, God gave me so much room and space to be the woman my heart desired to be and was created to be. Nobody else was around. Just me and Jesus.

Some days I felt so free and beautiful next to the ocean. Other days, I found myself at my worst, like the time I told a rude, selfish fisherman he didn’t have to act like a jerk.

In both ocassions, I was no longer trying to just be “nice” or get anyone’s approval. I was just being me- the good me, and the me Jesus so desperately needs to change!  I found grace in both places. It felt beautiful and freeing. God loved me. I was okay!

I experienced God’s grace this summer in such a way that made me see HIS love and acceptance.  Because of His steadfast grace and complete acceptance, I found myself discovering what it means to feel beautiful from the inside out.

Real beauty embraces Christ’s acceptance and grace and allows His Spirit to permeate throughout every area of our lives. It’s having our identities secure in Christ.

My healing did not come from self-acceptance.  It came from deeply understanding Christ’s acceptance of me.  I realized if Jesus loves me just as I am, then maybe just maybe, I am okay & free to be the person God created me to be!!!

Sure enough, I’ve been finding it’s a beautiful way to live!

CHRIST in me, hope of glory! ♡


Chapter Two: Worship Doesn’t Require a Stage or Mic

So, in the fall of 2009 I got accepted into Christ For the Nation’s Institute in the school of worship, a week before fall semester started.

I had wavered back and forth all that late summer about applying.  It took watching a favorite worship artist’s testimonial about attending the school (Kari Jobe, now Carnes) for me to finally make the last minute decision to attend.

While in Hardesty, OK that summer, I had spent frequent times at the altar in my brother’s church, praying and asking God for His will regarding attending CFNI.  After hearing Kari’s testimony, I felt that the Lord confirmed what He was saying to me:  “This is the way, walk in it.”  So, I sent in my application, and I got my acceptance, and that mid-August, my brother helped me move to Dallas, Texas with all my belongings, as his family moved further South toward Houston to pastor a new church.

It was another chapter, another new beginning, and I was hoping I made the right decision. While I was wrestling it all out, it was just like God to give me grace for the transition time.

When I got on campus, I learned I was assigned a whole apartment to myself due to my allergies to strong scents.  The positive side of having my own place was that I had extra space to unpack all my stuff.  My place didn’t look at all like a college dorm room. It looked like a home.  With all its hominess, it became a hospitable hang-out for my colleages and I to study for our tests, to practice worship, and/or to just fellowship.  That was grace.

There were also some obstacles that grace helped me to overcome with this apartment. Ironically, in spite of my allergy/breathing issues, for the first few days, I was living in an apartment that smelled like minty mildew, and I had no option of moving to another room. As a result, I had to learn to trust God with my health concerns for the school year, as I prayed for protection for my breathing. Thankfully, the smell eventually went away or was covered up by my neighbor’s cooking.

However, for some reason, I was sick that whole year at CFNI with respitory and sinus issues.  In a weird way. I sense this was God’s grace, as well, keeping me in the center of His perfect will.

Nothing just happens.  So, I tried to see what God was doing in that situation.

God knew I was using the rest of my teacher’s retirement to attend CFNI.  He knew my heart was to grow as a worship leader.  So, if I was struggling to sing in worship because of coughing and congestion, I knew He had a purpose. I had too much peace for it to be anything else, but His simple keeping hand.  Many were my plans, but His purpose was about to win over it all.

At times it seemed like God didn’t want me singing on the stage at all. I sensed Him telling me not to audition.  For times of uncertainty when I did, my auditions were never quite right due to those sinus/respiratory setbacks in my voice or insecurity of whether or not I was hearing and obeying God’s will. 

There were so many amazing and talented worshipers around me. I wasn’t surprised that I never got picked for a worship team. But, it was the PEACE that made me realize it was God’s perfect will that I NOT be chosen to be on a team.

Instead, He wanted me to die to that performance mentality.  He was asking me to walk a different way in my worship, to not stare at the stage, but to seek His face.

So, that first semester, I spent a lot of my time in the prayer room.  I soon realized God was calling me to worship AND prayer.  To me my personal worship times were essentially prayer times, anyway, set to music. Apparently, going to worship school only clarified that I was called to spend quality time with Jesus face to face in that secret place, ministering to Him and communing with Him in prayer.  That kind of worship training didn’t require a stage, just a posture and willingness to bow my life lower and to go deeper in prayer and intercession to meet with Him.

That winter I served my worship internship in the prayer room on a team. Ironically, even on the team God was asking me to go deeper, to crucify my flesh.  There were two younger girls who loved singing and worshiping who were not even studying worship leading yet.  Would I be willing to pass them the mic, so they could sing and glorify God in song?  Would I let them sing when I wanted to, instead?

I have to admit the Father ultimately tried my faith in these ways. I wrestled.  Why couldn’t I sing?  Did my voice sound bad?  Why had God brought me here to worship school if He wasn’t going to let me sing? I had to die to these insecurities to obey God when I didn’t understand.  I felt God’s peace and knew I could trust Him.  But crucifying my flesh was a process.  I wrestled for several weeks with insecurity. 

Then one evening God showed me His purpose.  Our keyboard player on the team was missing.  Would I fill in for him?   I’d never played keys with a band before.  I was stretched in my faith. But, that night, I trusted God and stepped out in faith to do something I had always wanted to do. I played the keys that night.  WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

God showed me that if I’m willing, He can use me whenever and wherever He needs me.  I just need to always trust Him and have faith to say yes when He leads me.

I learned that fall semester more practically that worship isn’t about the stage or the mic.  Worship is only and always about seeking God and honoring and obeying Him, growing closer to Him in Spirit and Truth.

It’s amazing to me that this was yet only the beginning of what He had planned in the days ahead.  A new chapter would begin that winter, as well.


Dear Florida… (and Other States Who Read This)


Dear Florida,
So much depends on your vote on March 15th (like the entire direction of our nation). But, hey, no pressure!!! 😉

No, seriously, I want to share my heart for a minute.

I wanted to ask you to please vote for Marco Rubio for these following reasons:

1. Out of all the candidates, he has the most integrity.  He admits when he blunders (He took responsibility for NH primaries being low bc of GOP debate w/ Chris Christie moment, instead of blaming media).

Marco Rubio Takes Responsibility for NH

2. He doesn’t play games.  He hasn’t tried to trip up any of the other candidates, even when they rival him. He’s never put an obstacle in the way of any of them. (Although he did expose Trump with some comedy, and his supporters have definitely taken to humor to ward off offenses, as well.).
* note added 3/9/2016
I’m glad Marco has confessed to the attacks on Trump being something he isn’t entirely proud of (I don’t think he is proud of any of it, actually). That also shows his true heart of humility to me.

My favorite Marco Rubio Oneliner

Marco Rubio Confessing Attacks on Trump Not Something He’s Entirely Proud Of

3. He’s intelligent and knowledable about the issues. He’s the one who often teaches me about what is going on in current foreign affairs. He isn’t boring to listen to, and his passion for preserving our nation is contagious.

GOP Debate Where Other Candidates Nod Their Heads on His Foreign Policy Answers

4. He’s prepared.  He not only has excellent, detailed policies, he has recently moved forward to begin considering leadership for key positions when he’s in office.

Marco Rubio Policies

Rubio Announces National Security Advisory Counsel

5. He’s a man of vision and dreams, the American Dream being at the heart. You can’t miss it.  He has told us its not only for us, but for our children, the generations that come after us.

Marco Rubio on the American Dream (You’ll need a tissue!)

6.  He cares about all people. He’s inclusive of others, whether with big political degrees or with a dish towel in their hands.  He honors everyone.  He doesn’t play favoritism. He reveals honor to those who have paved his way, as well, including Judge Scalia and Nancy Reagan. I respect that.  I’ve watched him receive more endorsements than any of the candidates & yet he remains level headed and doesn’t brag.

Marco Rubio List of Endorsements

Marco Rubio Honoring Nancy

Marco Rubio on Judge Scalia ‘ s Death

Most Reagan-Like! Saves Nancy Reagan from Fall Here

7. Most importantly, Marco and his family love and serve Jesus Christ.  During this campaign race, he has given the Christian faith a right to have a voice again in our nation, and this shift, though very subtle to some, was VERY noticeable to me. He’s not out to force everyone to practice Christianity, as he has said, it is a choice, but he won’t allow Christians to be silenced or have the culture force Christians to compromise their faith, either. I respect that so much. It’s called FREEDOM.

Marco Rubio – 2009, Stands for Faith

Marco Rubio Champions Faith 2013

Marco Rubio at CPAC, Stands for Faith 2016

So…please consider Marco Rubio for President.  I’ve only known him since January, but by research and observing past videos, reading some of his former and present policies, and attending his rally here in Dallas, I have seen a steadfast consistency in his character. I find him very Presidential.

Thank you for reading. If any of these words bear witness with you, as well, please vote for Marco Rubio on March 15th.  God bless you, Florida!

Christine Craig



I found my voice, and it doesn’t scare me like I thought it would. 

All my life, I’d think my thoughts and sugarcoat my words, lest somehow I’d give someone indigestion, but then I saw them starving for lack of truth.

Oh, it’s more merciful to speak up sometimes. Oh, how we need each others’ supply of Godly wisdom, counsel, and encouragement. 

People used to tell me all the time, “Speak up, I can’t hear you!”  It used to annoy me because I felt I had such a big voice on the inside.  Why couldn’t they see that? I was afraid of it being too strong, too noticable.  I liked being hidden with my opinions, thoughts, and revelations. It’s protective and prudent sometimes to keep what we know to ourselves.

But, other times, it can also be cowardly.

Courage has more discernment than that.  It knows when one should bravely speak up.  It knows when one should bravely remain quiet.

Most of the time people do speaking all backwards. They speak when it’s not time, and they remain silent when the moment requires a steadfast truth to be spoken forth.

I want God to use my voice. I want Him to give me wisdom and discernment, so my words bring healing and life to its hearers.  I want my words to bless others like balm and fresh spring rain.  I want them to feel God’s love by what I say.

I can tell it’s time.

I open my mouth. I am ready to speak. My words come from an honest heart. I am sincere when I speak what I know.
Job 33:2-3

What’s Really in Your Heart?

It’s not your association with famous people that gives you significance, but your personal relationship with Jesus.

In 2009, I came to Dallas to study worship leading at Christ For the Nation’s Institute.  For about 8 years prior to attending CFNI, I had grown as a quiet worshiper in my own home in Illinois, learning to play the piano and writing songs for my King. I never expected that one day God would actually let me quit teaching and lead me to study worship and music in Texas. It was a dream come true.

But, once I got here, I realized that most of the foundation I gained in true worship, though, was built already those 8 years prior in training on the floor reading His Word, praying, and crying out to Him on my piano. Now it would be testing time!

Yes, at CFNI, God had plans to fine-tune and test my motives and obedience to Him at the crossroads of seemingly really good opportunities that would come my way.  Would I rather have Jesus?

At CFNI, I met some pretty amazing people in worship. Our school brought in nationally renowned and successful songwriters, Christian artists, and teachers of worship.  It was easy to get starry-eyed at the possibility of getting to know these new friends or becoming like one of them in success:  writing powerful songs, singing on large platforms for Jesus, being on the radio with the latest popular worship song that would touch multitudes of lives.

Although these icons who stood before us were in humility presenting Christ’s example and training us for worship, as receivers sometimes it was tempting to see their fame and success and become distracted by their reputation and popularity.  So, it was important to constantly check my motives and ask God to keep my focus on Him, to keep reminding myself why I was here at the worship school. 

As a result, God showed me my true heart through various types of tests.  While others could audition and be on worship bands, God wanted me to go and sing in the prayer room.  When I was on a worship band in the prayer room and in my internship, if there were others who wanted to sing, God taught me to pass the mic to them, letting them sing instead of me.  Sometimes I wondered if it was because I just wasn’t good enough.  Maybe they were better?  But, God then had to teach me to get over myself and that kind of thinking, comparing myself to others because corporate worship wasn’t about self, but God, and flowing together to serve Him.

Then, there were the tests in meeting successful worship leaders.  Sometimes doors or opportunities would open where it would have been easy to promote a song I’ve written or to get close in fellowship to learn from one of them. But, at times when it seemed like the most wonderful opprtunity was before me, God would say no. And, then, I’d have to decide:  Do I want to follow the exciting door in front of me because it’s so cool, or do I want to obey God and walk through the doors that He alone opens for me?  Essentially, would I obey God’s no?  Would I rather have Jesus?

I remember one night, I had an opportunity to go to a key worship songwriter’s house and hang out with them and a house band who’d be there that evening.  I was told I could invite a friend, as well.  The invitation felt like favor, and I wanted to attend for so many reasons.  I remember feeling significant to have such an opportunity, but I kept feeling God’s nudge to decline.  It didn’t make sense to me. Here was my potential for breakthrough into the worship songwriting world by hanging out and learning from an acclaimed worship songwriter, and God was saying, ” No.”

Would I rather have Jesus?


I would rather have Jesus
Than worldwide fame
I’d rather be true
To HIS Holy Name.

And, so I declined.  I obeyed God because I love Him.  I knew that nothing could be better than having my personal relationship with Him. I knew it was the right choice. I passed the test.

The lesson I learned from that experience grounded me in my walk and journey with Him in worship.

You see, worship is always about putting God first and glorifying Him. If anything competes with our hearts’ motives to do that, we have to crucify it. 

As a result I’ve learned a key lesson for such a time as this.  True worship doesn’t need our name in lights or a platform or even a congregational audience.  God may have that tool for us, but those environments won’t mean anything without God’s Presence. True worship is what I was doing those 8 years alone in my sweet Victorian apartment on the keyboard, crying out to God.  His Presence was there.  True worship is obeying Him with every step of my life journey because His Presence is with me.

True worship just takes a hungry heart sincerely wanting to connect with God and to draw close to Him.  It takes partnering with the Holy Spirit and obeying His leading to get totally honest before the Living God.  It’s abdolutely and completely and only about honoring God’s Presence and glory.

The marvel is that when we get in that true worship, we are changed for good. Forever. 

So why would God test my heart so much?

He loves me.  He wants to guard what He has done in my life.  He’s jealous of my love and worship. He wants me to keep my worship pure.  True worship.

The time is coming when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth. That time is now here. And these are the kinds of worshipers the Father wants.
John 4:23

Check out 30 sec. clip of a new song,
“Dying to Self”

Remarkable Ruth Prophecy at Laundromat


This post is from July 2014. It’s a reflective piece today for me, a reminder of how when we bless others, we get blessed in return. This particular day was impacting because I was reminded that God sees me, and that He has specific plans for me.

July 2014
I completed my laundry. Something remarkable happened today at the laundry mat.

I had a chance to encourage a lady who had told me earlier she was once a Christian, but she didn’t want the narrow way, that she didn’t want to have convictions. She said she knew she was running…I sensed she wasn’t open for more talk at that time, so I continued quietly with my laundry. But, I sensed God wanted me to say something to her before I left. I just didn’t have any words in the moment.

However, God is faithful. Right before I left, God gave me encouragement for her, and she was open to hear again. Afterwards, I put my clothes in the car and thought I was finished, but God gave me another very specific verse for her, and this time I got to show it to her in the Bible. It was an awesome encounter! But, that wasn’t the remarkable encounter.

As I was leaving I glanced at the teenage girl nearby who aeemed to have been listening to my conversation with the lady. I wondered if I’d subbed for her before. We didn’t speak.

Well, when I got in my car, I was messing around with my phone, etc, when I suddenly saw a truck backing up right next to me. It was done so smoothly. Much to my surprise, it was the teenage girl who knew to drive so well. That was my random thought, as I continued to mess with my flip phone.

Suddenly she got out of the truck and asked if she could speak with me.  She told me that in the past two days God was speaking to her, and she was being led to consider Ruth, and she asked God to show her someone who would remind her of Ruth. She said that earlier God had shown her a vision that she would run into someone in the laundry mat who would share His Word with another, and that she was given an encouraging word.  She said at first she thought that the vision meant that SHE was supposed to give someone else God’s Word, but when she saw me today she felt it was me, so to make sure she kept checking in with God, and confirmations would happen, even me taking out the Bible to share with the lady.she was watching it all! She told me that my still being in the lot when she backed up next to me was the last confirmation she needed to give me her word of encouragement.

She is the one of several random people who have associated me with the book of Ruth. Every time it happens, O feel so honored, humbled, and edified by my Father God. That day was awesome, because I had a letter written by a random Starbucks girl a couple years ago to me about Ruth that I got to also share with her.

She said she had wanted God to mean that word was hers, but she knew she was to give it to me.  Haha! I love how God works because she got that word in return through the letter! Her amazing boldness to walk in her prophetic gift at a young age just blew me away!!!  She was HUNGRY FOR MORE of God in every way!!!! I got to pray for her and watch God just confirm and pour out blessings on her because of her hunger, faith, and bold obedience. After our talk I learned that I had never subbed for her, but for her brother at my favorite Jr. High. She just graduated from high school. It will be amazing to see what God does in her life!!!  I was so encouraged by her obedience and love for Jesus Christ today. God is the keeper of her heart. Of BOTH our hearts!

I find it amazing that God gave me the opportunity to encourage two ladies today, and that He also had a remarkable, divine appountment set up for me! He loves us! He truly is a kind and merciful God under whose wings I’ve come to find refuge.

Reflection- August 2014

During worship tonight I couldn’t stop thinking about the brothers and sisters in Christ who have been forced to leave all they have ever known to hide out on mountain stops or refugee wait stations.

Suddenly, out of the blue, it went from a handful of Christians in the middle east being persecuted to a multitude. All of this breaks God’s heart, but I think what breaks His heart more are all the lost souls who live in darkness, thinking wrong is right. I felt the burden for our fellow Christians who have been displaced tonight. I couldn’t stop crying. How is THEIR worship tonight, wherever they are?

Four years ago, God wouldn’t let me accept an ESL adjunct teaching job that was created for me at CFNI.  With minimal savings, I didn’t understand. Then, the Lord did the craziest thing and asked me to sow the rest of my savings to go to Haiti with Gateway. I couldn’t understand then.  It seemed audacious.  I could have raised funds. But, God wanted my ALL. Then, It got even crazier when on Nov. 10, 2010 I left my brother’s house to move up to Gateway with no job and no place to live.  All  I had was FAITH. On my way up, I was connected with a friend who was living in a Chinese Church. She said I could stay there, too. Crazy! But, that sanctuary had a lovely piano, and I played away.  All I knew was that God was telling me this was His will, this crazy walk of faith.  That week, I was offered an editorial position at CFNI, but God would NOT let me accept the job. Not even on contract. He had His own plan, and I would submit. Missions began then. In our nation.  OUR NATION.

One night I was staying with a friend. I had been to church, and I arrived to find I was locked out.  She was visiting another friend, and at midnight she still was not back. As I sat in the freezing car that night talking to a friend in Atlanta til wee hours of the morning, I began to feel sorry for myself. And, I asked my friend if she would pray with me. She did. As I prayed, I caught myself asking God, “What about me, God?”. Suddenly, I heard God so clear. My friend can witness the prophetic message in prayer. “What about you, Christine?” God asked.  “You have everything you need for LIFE and GODLINESS, but what about THEM?!” Asked God, as He showed me a picture in my heart of multitudes of homeless people. Multitudes.  I now realize the homeless were not what we normally see.  We’ve had tornadoes, hurricanes, economic crises, and now bullies who have taken away people’s homes.  Hmmmmm. But, JESUS is the TRUE HOME. If people get THAT, they will have Everything. God is GOOD.

That was 4 years ago. Today, I see it’s true. God does NOTHING without first revealing it to the prophets. Someday soon my wilderness is closing, but I have a choice to make of all God has taught me for when I enter the Promised Land.  Will I remember Him?  Will I choose missions again and again, now knowing it’s costly and hard? Will I open up my heart and home to displaced brothers and sisters in Christ?  Will my witness around my family table be as if I were serving around the world? Will I simply just keep loving Jesus above all?

I worship God because He is my LIFE. I would love for everyone to know Jesus. If any of you don’t, but want to, please let me know. I know God loves you because He loves me. He has a GOOD plan for each of our lives. Come what may, God is victorious. Forever. And His Spirit is our comforter.  We have it made here in America.  Let’s remember to be grateful and thank God. At ALL times! I am seeing God’s purpose for the minor sufferings I’ve been called to endure for the sake of following Jesus.  Pioneer. Forerunner. Lord, thank you for teaching me so much.

Deliberative: Making Wise Decisions

I retook a strengthsfinder test online this morning (a free version). In any case…I knew I had Belief, Significance, Includer, & Positivity. But, this time, a new word was highlighted in my life… DELIBERATIVE.

Although I don’t agree with all aspects of those who have this strength according to the online description (I’m not a negative ninny seeing life as a minefield), I do now understand why it takes me FOREVER to make a decision. I want it to be the RIGHT decision.  Yes, it’s true.  I do see a bigger picture than just my decision at hand. I look at the consequences, and I resolve to consider risks to see if that choice is the WISEST choice I can possibly make.  I guess you can say, I’ve learned to love God’s path of freedom, peace, and joy, and I’m unwilling to compromise any part of His truth, love, or Spiritual blessings on a faulty choice.

That’s the precious thing about having an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. In His Presence is fullness of joy. If at any time something tries to encroach upon my relationship with Him, I can examine why and make choices that align with His will, removing the obstacles. His peace really is a valuable indicator of what pleases His Spirit. I’ve learned this over the years to make choices that allow me to walk in His peace. To me, deliberation is not so much about rules, but being governed by His Presence.

As a sidenote, I can see myself oneday working in legislation, and from the definition of deliberation, I see how that makes sense. If you would have told me to pay attention to politics or government in high school, I would have questioned how well you knew me, but that’s the irony of it all. God certainty knows me better than myself. Slowly, over the past 15 years, He has given me a desire to pray for our national government.

It began when I taught Junior American Lit. for 5 years. I learned how the foundation of our government was grounded in Jesus Christ. Since then, I realized that God has always cared about how nations rule. Afterall, at one time, He was the sole ruler of His people before the Israelites demanded to be like other nations and to have kings.

For the past few years, I have found myself questioning some of the decisions leaders in our country are making. I can make a list of those concerns I’ve been praying over and deliberating: mandatory national healthcare and what it’s done to our economy, women’s healthcare mandates and the boundaries crossed in private sectors in matters of conscience where proposed “choice” has ironically forced others to have none, and my list could continue to current issues of today. Perhaps, God has caused me to care because He has something ahead for me. At the least, it’s caused me to pray. I’m beginning to see that I deliberate over issues in my quiet times that others don’t even care about on any given day.

I just refuse to be a lemming, following the masses who are ultimately just following people’s fickle trends- some trends unfortunately that are here today to create some damage in people’s lives and gone tomorrow, replaced by a newer fad.

What’s alarming in our nation right now is that instead of building legislation based on precepts and principles, we’re writing policies based on media/social popularity. With some deliberation, people could see this kind of policy making lacks wisdom for our country for the days ahead.

So, here’s the meaning of the term: DELIBERATIVE

1. Function of deliberating, as a legislative assembly

2. Having to do with policy; the wisdom of a proposal

It’s pretty cool how we can wake up one morning and learn more about ourselves by learning new vocabulary. 🙂

Happy New Year!

“Come to the Table” a New Song



I wrote this song a few years ago.  It means a lot to me because communion is one of my favorite times with the Lord.  I am reminded of the significance of covenant every time I come to the Lord’s table. His body and blood… for me.  I am challenged and empowered to receive again His grace that covers me and to lay my life down again in that great exchange to receive more, all of Him.